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Custom Mouthguards

For those of you participating in soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, or volleyball, a custom mouth guard, fabricated from a cast of your teeth, provides maximum comfort and protection. It's a strong and comfortable fit that doesn't impede breathing or speaking, and offers a level of safety not found in commercially available guards. This is a simple and inexpensive way to prevent costly, traumatic, and possibly lifelong dental treatment. For our student athletes, we can customize your mouthguard with your school's colors, name, and logo.

Dental Emergencies

If you are an active patient in our practice and have a dental emergency outside of office hours, we can be reached by leaving a message at our office number. During regular office hours, we always do our best to treat your emergency promptly.

If a tooth is fractured or chipped
Attempt to find the piece(s) and place in water or keep moist. It is important to prevent the tooth segment from dehydrating.

If Entire Tooth is Lost
If an entire tooth is lost due to trauma it is critical that the tooth be brought to the office ASAP as time outside the mouth is critical. Do your best to handle the tooth by the crown(top) portion and keep the tooth moist- held in the cheek or kept in milk or water.

Soft Drinks & Sports Drinks

There has been an increased rate of cavities among teens, connected with their increased use of soft drinks and sport drinks. Please be aware of what drinks and how many of them your children consume and encourage them to drink more water.


The American Dental Association has launched a website with more great information. Check it out! http://mouthhealthy.org