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Dentistry can deliver outstanding esthetics, but nothing can duplicate the beauty of natural teeth. Today, our children have the profound possibility of growing up without having cavities. Preventative care is an integral part of our office philosophy, providing a strong foundation for a lifetime of dental health. We value the opportunity to protect your favorite smiles in a comfortable and reassuring environment.

Infant Dental Care

As your child's baby teeth are erupting, generally between 6 and 30 months of age, they are especially prone to developing cavities.It is important for parents to understand preventive measures that can be taken prior to the eruption of teeth and proper homecare when teeth have erupted. We welcome questions concerning your infant's dental care and offer a complimentary phone consult and, or a one year old office visit. We invite you to schedule your child's first regular preventive care appointment by the age 3.


If you have children and do not currently have fluoride in your water supply, a daily supplement is important. Systemic fluoride (not the typical fluoride found in toothpaste) is vital to making their permanent teeth more cavity resistant. This supplement should be provided until approximately age 14.

Soft Drinks & Sports Drinks

There has been an increased rate of cavities among teens, connected with their increased use of soft drinks and sport drinks. Please be aware of what drinks and how many of them your children consume and encourage them to drink more water.


The American Dental Association has launched a website with more great information. Check it out! http://mouthhealthy.org