Our office provides both preventive and reconstructive treatment for children and adults.

Today, dentistry can provide beautiful esthetics with various treatment options, but a major shift in our focus has been in preventive care.

Each age group—from newborns through the elderly—faces different risk factors for developing cavities and/or periodontal disease. By understanding dietary, medication, or homecare factors for each individual, we can work with the patient to maintain a healthy mouth.

For our patients who require or desire improved esthetics, we can provide beautiful treatment options as demonstrated from our patient cases below.

routine care

children & TEENS

As your child’s baby teeth are erupting, generally between 6 and 30 months of age, they are especially prone to developing cavities. It is important for parents to understand preventive measures that can be taken prior to the eruption of teeth and proper homecare when teeth have erupted.

We welcome questions concerning your infant’s dental care and offer a complimentary phone consult and, or a one year old office visit. We invite you to schedule your child’s first regular preventive care appointment by the age 3.


Dentistry can deliver outstanding esthetics, but nothing can duplicate the beauty of natural teeth. Today, our children have the profound possibility of growing up without having cavities. Preventative care is an integral part of our office philosophy, providing a strong foundation for a lifetime of dental health. We value the opportunity to protect your favorite smiles in a comfortable and reassuring environment.


Fabricated from a mold of your teeth, a custom mouthguard provides maximum comfort and protection. For those participating in soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, or volleyball, a custom mouth guard, fabricated from a cast of your teeth, provides maximum comfort and protection. It’s a strong and comfortable fit that doesn’t impede breathing or speaking, and offers a level of safety not found in commercially available guards. This is a simple and inexpensive way to prevent costly, traumatic, and possibly lifelong dental treatment.



Whitening is proven to be safe and effective, resulting in a noticeable improvement in the brightness of your teeth at a nominal cost.


Dental implants offer the most advanced means of replacing missing teeth. The implant acts as a root, supporting a crown—or a bridge for multiple teeth. For patients with removable partial or full dentures, implants can replace those dentures or provide a dramatic improvement in securing dentures during eating and speaking.


If you would like to change the color, size, and/or shape of your teeth, porcelain veneers could be the solution. Lumineers® are thin porcelain shells covering the exteriors of your teeth. This procedure generally requires some reshaping of existing teeth to provide proper form and function, but does leave most of the natural teeth intact.


An alternative treatment to porcelain veneers are composite, or resin, veneers. This procedure is completed in a single visit and is less expensive than porcelain. However, composite veneers are not as durable and can be more prone to staining and chipping.




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